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As Father’s Day approaches, we’re reminded here at TESBROS of all the amazing things our father’s have done for us. As providers, protectors, grill masters, and DIYers, we celebrate them and all their dad jokes we pretend to laugh to!

We’ve put together here what we think are the best Father’s Day gifts for Tesla dads. To all fathers, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day!

1. For the dad who considers their Tesla another child

For the dad that always wants to keep their car protected and in the best shape possible, this interior PPF kit will give a clear layer of protection on commonly kicked and scuffed areas, such as the back of the front seats, glovebox compartment, and the door kickers.

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2. For the outdoorsy dad

Got a dad that loves cycling, mountain biking, or car camping? This high quality hitch provides that extra space without sacrificing aesthetics. Unlike roof racks that interfere with aerodynamics, loading using this EcoHitch stealth hitch will eliminate vertical clearance issues and potential damage to your Tesla while loading and unloading.

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3. For the DIY dad

The complete chrome delete kit is a great customization project for dads to spend much needed quality time in the garage. The finished product will give their Tesla a much needed revamp.

The newer 2021 Teslas already have satin black trims, so give it an even more unique look with a pillar delete: Shop here!

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4. For the dad who takes their dog everywhere

We love our pets, but not their fur everywhere! This rear seat liner will keep the interior clean and your furry friends comfortable. The best part is that it works for all Tesla models!

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5. For the cool dad

Nothing is as cool as stepping into a Tesla for the first time. The large touch screen and minimalistic design shouts the future. But why look like every other Tesla? You don’t have to with these interior color wraps. This is for the dad who wants a personalized touch to match his style and stand out from the sea of Teslas. And don’t worry, it’s not permanent! You can change up your look anytime you want. *Center console, dashboard wrap, door switch wraps, and steering wheel wrap included.

Shop for your cool dad!

Have any other suggestions for fun Father’s Day gifts? Tweet at us @teslabros or email us at!