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Holidays are right around the corner, so it’s time to start making a list and checking it twice! Have a Tesla owner in your life? Shopping for them might not be the easiest, especially not knowing exactly what they want or need. Well there’s one thing we know for sure. Tesla owners love to keep their car looking at its best. They didn’t buy it because they wanted to be just another white Tesla on the road, so help them make customization and protection decisions to take their Tesla to the next level. 

Something to keep in mind:

For most Tesla accessories, you’ll need to know their Tesla Model. Shouldn’t be hard to slip that in conversation, as I’m sure they would love to tell you about their baby.

It’s also important to know the personality of the person you’re buying for. If someone is very minimalistic and loves neutral colors, odds are they wouldn’t love receiving a bright purple color wrap. But GOOD NEWS! These gifts are exchangeable if they would rather receive a different color. 



Top 5 Color Wraps

1. Chrome Delete

Say goodbye to chrome on all your trims, autopilot cameras, handles, and logos. These pieces are custom cut and ready to install out of the box. Plus, it comes with two sets just in case you make a mistake!

*Note: Model Y’s and 2021+ Model 3’s already come blacked out.

Available In:
Model 3
Model X
Model S

2. Model 3 / Y Pillar Delete


This color wrap gives a sleek and stylish look, while also standing out from the fleet. We call this the Stormtrooper look at the office because on white Teslas, it gives it the perfect dome look. 

3. Model 3/Y Interior Color Wraps

These products are perfect for switching up the interior color and adding some personality to the Tesla. All passengers will be wondering how you got a custom interior!

Dashboard Wrap

4. Model 3 Front Bumper Variations

These wrasp transform the look of the Model 3 The Lip Blackout brings out the natural curves of your Tesla’s bumper, the Lip Liner fits the lower edge of the bumper perfectly, giving it more depth, while the Sport Mode  “elon”-gates the fog lights giving the illusion of the performance vent.

Lip Liner

*Model Y also has Bumper Customizations: Sport Mode & Lip Blackout 

5. Model S & Model X Interior Wrap Kit


We offer four different styles that’ll give you the freedom to finally get rid of that awful glossy wooden look. Style it up a bit with these kits.

Top 5 Protection Kits

1. Model S Headlight PPF


Get maximum protection, avoid costly repairs, and prevent scuffs and rock chips with this clear protection kit. Also consider the Tinted PPF Headlights which gives the Tesla a stealth look but doesn’t affect your light intensity much at all.

2. Model 3/Y Headlights PPF


Just like the Model S, Model 3 / Y Headlight and Foglight set comes in clear and tinted. Both sets protect this area from rocks and other debris that will inevitably fly up while driving.

3. Model 3 / Y Seat back PPF


Perfect for those friends and family who have kiddos kicking the seats, causing scratches and scuffs.

4. Model 3/Y/S Mini Rocker PPF

Avoid paint damage from rocks and debris with this protection kit. It’s easy to install on this vulnerable area, which faces a lot of damage everyday on your commute.

Model S
Model 3
Model Y

5. Door Kicker Panels PPF

Not to point fingers, but passengers cause the most damage. Besides putting their feet all over the glovebox, they kick open the doors all the time. Have your homies back! Get them a kit for the most commonly scuffed and scratched area.

Model 3
Model Y

Top 5 Maintenance

1. Model 3 / Y Screen Protector


We all know the necessities of screens in our lives. A Tesla screen is the heart and soul of the car. Protect one of the most essential and sensitive parts of your vehicle from scratches and fingerprints!

2. Trim Removal Tool Kit


For those who love DIY jobs! Why take your car to the shop when you can fix it yourself? This multi-use tool kit comes with 6 different trim tools to safely complete maintenance and repair projects. Works great for replacing your air filters, removing window trims, and removing panel clips.

3. Floor Mats for Model S/3/Y

You track dirt in your car all time, as you should! But with these mats, cleaning up is much easier. Full coverage mats for the front and the back help protect your carpet from spills, stains, and all of the elements that you bring in from the great outdoors.

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4. Jack Pads

These jack pad adapters are a must-have for any Tesla owner. They allow you to lift your Tesla without damaging the battery tray or side skirt. Just fit them into the jack areas and use them as a safe, non-slip barrier between the jack and the car.

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5. Pedal Kit (Matte Black and Chrome)

These pedals are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. With the choice of Matte or Chrome, they offer a more secure driving position while driving with it’s antislip design.

Top 5 Cleaning Products

1. Cleaning Starter Bundle

We love Teslas, the environment, and you! We’ve got every surface covered with this complete set of 4 biodegradable, nontoxic, luxury-in-a-bottle cleaners. All the cleaning power with none of the harmful chemicals.

2. GYEON Q² Leather Shield Bundle


Q² LeatherShield is the perfect coating for Tesla pleather seats. This is a true SiO2-based leather ceramic coating that is very unique in its single-layer application. Protect your Tesla interior pleather upholstery from dirt, spills, UV, oils, and grime long term. It leaves a healthy satin finish and will not alter the look of your leather.

3. Bucket Grit Guard & Washboard


Here at Tesbros, we highly recommend the Two Bucket Method. Use this set in your rinse bucket to minimize dirt on your wash mitt and other scrub tools. The angled washboard attachment allows you to clean your mitt with ease, while the bottom grate traps all the dirt in the bottom of your bucket.

4. Boars Hair Detailing Brush Kit


This is for those who love stepping into a clean car. These brushes can reach and clean out every dirty nook and cranny, inside and outside your car.

5. Wheel Brush


We all know those who clean their cars but forget about the tires. Big mistake! This brush features an easy grip handle and bristles tough enough to remove built-on grime.

Still can’t seem to figure out what to get that Tesla owner in your life? Don’t worry! Give your friends and family the ability to choose what they want with a TESBROS gift card! Gift Cards never expire and carry no fees. 

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