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After years of experience designing and producing DIY vinyl wrap kits for Tesla Models S, 3, X, and Y, we’re super excited to work on various Cybertruck wraps and provide custom accessories for your new ride. We’ve got a lot of ideas, so stay tuned! Here are 7 customization ideas to make your Cybertruck stand out in a sea of stainless steel.

Full Color Wrap

With the Cybertruck’s sharp angular and flat design, this makes it much easier to DIY wrap it than other cars full of curves. We’re offering full color wraps with Avery Dennison film that lasts 5-10 years, depending on proper care and maintenance. The kit includes everything you need – from the custom designed and cut vinyl, to the tools you need, to step-by-step video guides. You’ll be able to successfully wrap your truck like a pro at half the cost. Learn more about these DIY wrap kits here.

PPF Tinted Headlight 

This product will easily protect your headlight from rocks, scuffs, and scratches, as well as provide a sleek aesthetic look. It won’t be dark enough to obscure your lights and hinder safety, just dark enough to make your ride look even more aggressive.

Dashboard Wrap

Want something other than the OEM dash? We’ve got you covered. You can wrap it to match your style, whether that be black carbon fiber or red. Check out what we have for the Model 3/Y to get an idea of the look and color options.

Trunk Delete 

This simple vinyl modification breaks the rear part of the Cybertruck visually to make it look more like a traditional truck. It gives the illusion that the window is extended for a more aggressive look.

Door Handle Wrap

Sometimes you just want to have fun. Some Cybertruck designs have had door handles, so we thought it would be fun to have fake door handles to trip up those who want to break in.

Charge Port Wrap

You can look good, even while charging. The charge port wrap is a super simple added flare to bring a smile at the Supercharger. Check out the designs from the Model 3/Y. 

Pillar Delete Wrap

A fan favorite for the Model 3 and Y, this wrap blacks out the A pillar, making a seamless transition to the glass roof. This will make it look way more sleek and stealth.