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My mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 12. Even during her chemotherapy treatments, she still found a way to support my obsession with technology. In a way, her encouragement and fostering of my love for tech was why I bought a Tesla and ended up starting TESBROS.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every day, I think about her and wish she could ride with me in the Tesla. This month, we’re celebrating my mother and all the courageous fighters around the world by raising breast cancer awareness.

This personally means a lot for me to be able to share her story and support NBCF through our business.

For this week, we’re giving 4.2% of our sales from October 17th-23rd with the goal of raising $4200 that will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). This year, they’re focusing on helping give women access to early screening which is one of the most crucial steps for survivability.

When my mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer, it was already too late, and was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. See NBCF’s video below on their campaign.

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