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Gyeon MOHS EVO is easy to apply on your paint and PPF’d surfaces. It’s the perfect upgrade for your PPF to make sure those hydrophobic and protection properties last as long as possible. Check out the video above to learn how to apply MOHS EVO, as well as see a hydrophobic comparison between non-coated and coated areas.


  • Keeps your paint’s shine and easy cleaning ability much longer with hydrophobic properties
  • Tree sap, road tar, bug guts, bird poop – all these hard things will come off much easier  
  • Lasts up to 3 years
  • DIY Friendly

Why install this if you already have PPF?

Nowadays, PPF usually comes pre-coated with a hydrophobic layer, which is awesome, but this coating only lasts 3-6 months. If you add a ceramic coating on top, however, it will last around 3 years. By putting ceramic coating on top, you get better protection from UV rays, a surface that’s much easier to clean, and longer lasting PPF. 

With PPF, you don’t need to do any polishing or paint touch ups, but you do need to make sure the PPF is contaminate free. This is a much easier cleaning process, especially if the PPF was recently applied. 

How is MOHS EVO DIY friendly, unlike most ceramic coatings?   

  • There are less chances for high points as you don’t have to worry about wiping it down at a super precise time since you have a much longer time frame before it hardens. This is due to a polysilazane formula that’s easier to work with than the typical SiO2 formula.  
  • MOHS EVO can be installed in one layer, whereas most require two. 


Before applying any ceramic coating, it’s best to make sure your paint is in good shape. You might need to paint correct or touchup before starting this process. Then, you need to do a complete decontamination wash.  Check out this video below for how to do properly prepare your car for install. The better prep you do, the better install it will be. Pro tip: Make sure your car is completely dry before application. 


  1. Shake bottle before use. 
  2. Apply a thick layer and level the coating well. Apply top down so you don’t lean over the coating. 
  3. The video shows how to apply correctly in 2×2 foot areas. Essentially, you make a streak down the middle of the 2×2 foot area and evenly slide back and forth through it. 
  4. Wipe off immediately (10 – 30 seconds) after applying. Wipe off carefully, do not leave any streaks or smudges. Good rule of thumb is when it beads, it’s ready to wipe.  
  5. Use 2 microfiber towels for the wipe down process – One for the first wipe and the other for buffing. Put them in a clean place – not on the car. It helps if you have microfibers that are 2 different colors so you can tell them apart easier. 
  6. Once you’re done with one 2×2 foot area, continue on to the next section. When wiping, overlap with the previous panel and check for high spots. 

MOHS EVO requires only a single layer, but you can apply a second layer after 1 hour if you’d like. When finished with 1 or both coatings, let it dry indoors for 12 hours before driving. Do not wash the car with any strong detergents within the first 14 days. To keep in its best shape, it’s recommended to use pH neutral and nontoxic chemicals. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: PPF and vinyl cannot be installed over ceramic coating as it won’t adhere to it. However, ceramic coating can be installed over PPF and vinyl. Keep in mind that if your car is ceramic coated and you want PPF or vinyl later, you’ll have to polish it off first.