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Celebrate the Tesla dads in your life this Father’s Day with the perfect gifts from TESBROS. Whether it’s accessories, protection kits, or cleaning essentials for their cherished ride, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy our hottest Summer deals and make their day special without breaking the bank. Shop now and ensure your gifts arrive in time for Father’s Day!

Steals & Deals

For The Perfectionists

For those who are meticulous about cleanliness, we offer a range of high-quality cleaning essentials. Our cleaners are biodegradable, nearly odorless, ammonia-free, and pH neutral. They don’t leave any residue or streaks behind. Crafted with care and quality, our formulas are safe for you, your pets, your kids, the environment, and all the surfaces of your Tesla. Enjoy top-tier cleanliness and peace of mind with our interior cleaner, glass cleaner, waterless wash for on the go detailing, and car shampoo.

The car care accessories we also offer are items we use in our shop too. Everything we sell, we make sure it passes our quality standards before hitting the shelf. From wash mitts to brushes to DIY ceramic coatings, we’ve got you covered.

For The DIY Project Enthusiasts

These are the dads who don’t mind getting a little dirt under their nails and sweat on their brow—the ones who go the extra mile to ensure their ride is just the way they like it. For the dads who take pride in protecting their Tesla, we offer a variety of protection kits, from simple glove box covers to full exterior paint protection film (PPF) kits.

For those who love to personalize their ride and make it stand out, we have vinyl wrap kits that range from chrome delete kits and center console designs to full-body Cybertruck wraps. The best part? Your gift can easily turn it into a fun weekend DIY project with Dad.

All of our DIY kits are pre-cut and designed to fit perfectly without any knifes or damage to the surface underneath.They come with step by step video guides and the tools you need to install successfully.

For The Neatniks 

Teslas are known for their minimalistic design, which is fantastic—but it can be challenging to keep them clean and organized. Our accessories are designed to make your drives smoother and your car tidier.

From floor mats and center console organizers to trunk bins, we ensure everything fits perfectly and looks virtually OEM. These items will help keep your Tesla organized and make all your essentials easily accessible.

We hope this gift guide helps get you started on finding that perfect gift for your loved one(s). Happy Father’s Day!