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To debadge or to keep the logo? Everyone has an opinion on this topic, so this is an easy how-to guide to show you how to remove and replace your Tesla logos for whatever preference you have. 

What You Need

Removal Steps

  1. Heat or steam the logo to loosen the goo. DO NOT OVERHEAT. It’s plastic, and it will melt or distort if you keep it in one place too long, so keep your gun moving constantly about 6 inches above it. 
  2. Use a fish line to work under it side to side. I like to use yellow tools handles for better grip, but this is definitely optional. 
  3. Use the 3M goo eraser on a drill to slowly work over the area. Use it on its side, not the face! I use this product, because it won’t scratch as opposed to rubbing a microfiber over and over it. You can use goo gone, but it does leave a residue. 
  4. Clean area with alcohol solution.

Install Steps

  1. Clean area with alcohol solution. 
  2. Open the frunk.
  3. Align the 3D printed bracket with the latch and tape in place. (If any of this is confusing, please see video for more explanation.) 
  4. Put something underneath the latch to keep it from trying to close with the bracket in the way.
  5. Leave the bumper for now, and do this next part on a flat surface. Grab your razor blade, template logo and adhesive. (I use 3M Press in Place because it’s much less messy than a lot of other adhesive options out there.)
  6. Use your razor blade to scrape the rest of the glue off both pieces. Then wipe down with the alcohol solution.
  7. Cut a piece of the adhesive off and stick your T on there and press down. When you peel the T off, it should bring the adhesive with it. Move it around and grab all sides. Then do the same to the thin piece.
  8. Clean up the edges by pushing the glue instead or cutting it off.
  9. Remove the backing paper from the template vinyl logo. Then, stick your logo on your template vinyl logo. All adhesive sides go up! THIS IS OPTIONAL. If you don’t have the logo, you can fit the T into the 3D printed bracket and eyeball the top piece.
  10. Go back to your bumper, and fit the logo in the bracket. Press down firmly.
  11. Carefully remove the bracket.
  12. Don’t wash your car for 24 hours.