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Important Update:

We’re truly sorry for the scare. This was an April Fools joke, but we do realize with the recent spike in online hacking and fraud, how concerning this could be. So to clear the air, this is not a real product, but instead just a harmless knock on all of the recent plaid products we have launched.
Please let us know if you have any questions! In the future, we’ll try our best to be more transparent about what’s happening.

Need For Speed

We released the custom-designed plaid charge port wrap in November 2021, and that was a huge hit. Since everyone loved it so much, we recently released the plaid center console wrap for gen 1 and 2. These wraps are great for standing out and looking cool. Definitely a head-turner at the Supercharger or a conversation starter for passengers. They might even make you go a little faster!

Looking Ahead

Since these products are so popular, we decided to start the month off right by announcing that we’re coming out with a DIY full wrap in this plaid pattern! You’ll be one of the only Tesla owners on the road with such an elaborate wrap. Plus, you get to show off your wrapping skills! There’s nothing better than the feeling you’ll get when you line up the lines just right on your door panels. Sheer joy. See the mock up below!


Only available for pre-order, as the instructional videos are still being produced.

Expected to launch in two weeks. 

Elon did not approve this message. 

Happy April Fools’ Day.

All jokes aside, we actually do sell the plaid charge port and center console. And we’re always open to ideas and custom orders, so email us at for any inquiries.