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Make the moms in your life feel extra special this Mother’s Day by cleaning up and organizing their Teslas. There’s nothing like stepping into a clean and fresh-smelling car that you didn’t have to clean yourself.  Use code “TreatHerTesla” at checkout for 15% off ALL car care products and accessories at from 4/28-5/14/23. From organizers to air fresheners, we have just the things to elevate her Tesla. Check out these popular products for ideas on how to get started.

Interior Cleaner 

Our Interior Cleaner is safe to use on all interior surfaces of vehicles, including vegan leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber, Alcantara, and metal. It’s free from harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients, making it non-abrasive and odorless. The cleaner is designed to remove dirt, grime, and stains from the interior of your vehicle, leaving it looking fresh and clean with no residue left behind.

Spray it onto the surface you wish to clean, then wipe it away with a clean, dry microfiber. Check out the Tesla Interior Detailing video series below to learn how to get the best deep clean.

Waterless Wash + Wax 

Our Waterless Wash + Wax is a non-toxic, biodegradable product designed for cleaning your car on-the-go or when water isn’t readily available. It’s formulated with natural carnauba wax to provide a long-lasting shine to your paint.

Simply spray on your vehicle’s exterior and wipe with a microfiber. This is especially great for cleaning door sills that you can’t reach with a regular car wash and getting water spots off of your trims. I also find it helpful to clean off bird droppings, tree sap stains, and to maintain the shine and protection of your vehicle’s paint in between regular washes.

Check out the video below where we put our waterless wash to the test.

Screen Protector

What’s one of the most important things in your Tesla? Your touchscreen! Make sure it stays in tip top shape with a screen protector. Matte is for those that want minimal glare and fingerprints. As a bonus, if you have a used screen, it hides scratches well. HD clear is for those that love the OEM screen look but still want protection. Our kit comes with a bracket to make sure it easily stays in place when applying.

Trunk Side Storage Bins for Model Y

These TPU storage bins are custom-made to fit perfectly into the side compartments of the trunk, making it easy to store dirty or wet items as these bins can be taken out and cleaned easily. They also come with lids that sit flush with the trunk floor and match the OEM interior.

I’ve used them for storying wet and sandy swimwear, dirty shoes, and even dirty diapers if necessary when traveling since the lid keeps the smell away. They are also handy for storing a small tire inflator, tools, and dirty jack pads that you need out of the way but still reachable.

Center Console Organizers for Model 3 & Y

There are several that will compliment her (gen 1 or 2) center console. The console organizer and armrest organizers both come with felt padding to eliminate rattling and fit perfectly in their slots like they were made to be there. We also have a cupholder insert that makes sure cups fit snugly in place.

Armrest Cover for Model 3 & Y

Add some style to your mom’s ride with this design on the center console armrest. Not only is it sleek and fun, but it also gives a layer of protection to the armrest and comfy padding for road trips.

Air Fresheners for Model 3 & Y

Finally. Fresh smelling scents that are made to discreetly fit in the air vents of your Tesla. ScentWedge fragrances bring you back to mother nature, whether it’s the “Coastal Forest” or the coastline of “Big Sur”. It’s the perfect combination for her “clean” ride to smell clean too.

GYEON Q² QuickView

No one likes driving in rainy and stormy weather. Easily apply QuickView to the windshield for a ceramic coated, hydrophobic shine. With this product, water beads and rolls off the windshield with ease, making the windshield wipers work less and the view be way clearer. Check out the video below that explains how to apply and shows the results after.

Have some fun with this one! 🤫 Don’t tell her about her newly coated windshield, and see how long it takes her to notice!

Under Seat Storage Tray and Rear Seat Organizer for Model Y

You can’t have too many organizers, right? The under seat organizer works well for placing things out of sight, but still close by. It slides perfectly under the passenger seat for some extra storage. The rear seat organizer is ideal for toys and snacks for the kiddos in the back. It just gives it that extra tidiness she’ll thank you for later.

Sun Shades for Model 3 & Y

It’s almost summer! ☀️

Get ready for hot temps and no worries with these sun shades. Easy to put in and take out with removable clips, she can enjoy a cooler car all summer long.

Air Filter Kit for Model 3 & Y

Is is time for a cabin air filter change? Surprise her with it already done! This kit comes with HEPA air filters, the tools needed to change them out, and evaporator cleaner to make sure her Tesla smells fresh next time she gets in. We have an easy install guide below.

Check out what Ji and Destiny have accessorized their Tesla Model Y with recently below.