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Are you looking at fun and exciting ways to upgrade your Tesla? Well, you can always consider vinyl wraps! These can help you amp up your Tesla’s aesthetics and offer an additional layer of protection. With wraps available in different colors, patterns, finishes, textures, and even graphics, you can customize your car according to your style. 

What Are Vinyl Wraps?

Vinyl wraps are thin films that are laid over a car’s exterior body or along its interior to change it’s color or texture. Wraps are all about aesthetics and how to stand out from the fleet. There will be a small barrier that adds some protection, but it’s not Paint Protection Film (PPF). Check out this article to learn more about how vinyl wraps are different from PPF. 

Our vinyl wraps are super DIY-able. We’re Tesla owners ourselves, and every product we put out was due to a problem we wanted to solve (door labels), a look we wanted to change (pillar delete), or protection we needed to add (glovebox protection). You can easily install them with our video guides on YouTube and remove without causing damage to the car. And better yet, they typically last for over 5 years.

Why Should You Opt For Vinyl Wraps?

Vinyl wraps are one of the most cost-effective ways of changing or improving your Tesla’s appearance without making major modifications or investing in a full-body paint job. It is a low-risk assignment that is easy to install for the desired look. For example, if your ride is leased, vinyl wraps are a perfect way to change the look without permanently changing anything. 

5 Vinyl Wraps To Help You Elevate Your Tesla

At Tesbros, you’ll find a huge range of DIY vinyl wraps. Here are our top 5, all within $50! Oh, and all of our vinyl kits come with a second set in case you mess up. 

1. Center Console Wrap

Made out of premium 3M 2080 automotive vinyl, this wrap is designed to cover up that awful, fingerprint-magnet piano black if you have a gen 1 console OR spice up that matte grey gen 2 console. With 10 wraps to choose from, you can absolutely find something that fits your personality. And if not, email with any color or design requests and we’ll see about getting you a custom order. 

Bonus: Since the center console is a high-traffic area, this wrap offers some protection from all the scratches and scuffs it gets overtime.

2. Steering Wheel Wrap

Match that center console with a sick steering wheel wrap. It adds that extra touch you didn’t know you needed. 

3. Dashboard Wrap

Anyone else not a fan of the wood? We got you covered.

4. Charge Port Wrap

Not only will this give your car an edge over the others at the Supercharger, but it’s also an incredibly unique way to add some funk and pop to your Tesla without going overboard. 

5. Front Bumper – Sport Mode Wrap

Inspired by the vents from performance cars, this wrap “elon”-gates the fog lights giving the illusion of the performance. It’s a simple way to get a unique look without having to get a new front end.