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Even with a stainless steel, bullet-proof truck, you still want to keep it in tip-top shape. Whether you’re on the road or the trails, hauling 11,000 lbs or just a bike, there are several things you can do to make sure it stays scratch-free. Here are 5 things we recommend.


1. Paint Protection Film (PPF) for Exterior Surfaces

Yes, the Cybertruck is nearly indestructible, but if you really want to keep it in pristine condition and get rid of those pesky fingerprints, then you can apply paint protection film on the stainless steel. It’ll keep the Cybertruck ultra glossy and make it even easier to keep clean with the film on. The best part is that applying PPF would be much simpler since you’re dealing with flatter panels. PPF has features like self-healing abilities that will keep the car in its stainless steel glory. We’ll have DIY PPF kits available soon, but for now, we do have vinyl wrap kits for those DIYers interested in customizing their ride.

2. Tinted Windows 

Cybertruck interior uses a good amount of synthetic leather which can deteriorate over time especially with the sun beating down on it. By tinting your Cybertruck windows, the tint will provide protection from UV and infrared rays. We recommend applying a ceramic tint which has the best value and best features in terms of protection. Most reputable brands that carry ceramic tint, such as 3M, will also carry a lifetime warranty.

3. Screen Protector

Like other Tesla models, the Cybertruck boasts a pretty large screen in the center of the vehicle to control all its functions. Since it’s so integral to the functionality of the vehicle, we typically recommend putting a screen protector just in case something happens. It also eliminates scuffs and scratches from everyday use. On one of our first Model 3s, our friend hit the screen with their backpack and ended up chipping the screen a little bit. We ended up living with the chip, but that’s when we launched our screen protector for Model 3/Y shortly after that.

4. Floor Mats

With the Cybertruck being an outdoor/adventure vehicle, we assume many will bring it to muddy areas and track in quite a bit of dirt. Having a rugged floor mat will help keep the interior nice and clean. Once dirty, you can remove the mats and hose them down. It’s the quickest accessory to purchase to keep your Cybertruck well maintained. If you’ve ever tried to vacuum a vehicle floorboard and didn’t have a floor mat, you’ll know how difficult and time-consuming it can be. Get floor mats to save time and stay clean.

5. Leather Shield Ceramic Coating

The Cybertruck seats are made out of synthetic leather, similar materials compared to the Model 3 or Y. It can be susceptible to stains, especially on white seats. You can use GYEON Leather Shield to coat the interior vegan leather parts of the Cybertruck to give it a layer of protection that will make it easier to clean and reduce stains from everyday use. It must be applied every 6-12 months, but the amount of time you save from not having to clean your interior as much makes it worthwhile. Learn more about Leather Shield here.