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Did you just get your spanking new Tesla? Well, first off, congratulations. It’s a milestone! Secondly, you’re probably looking for effective ways to keep it looking shiny and fresh. So, what’s the best way to go about this? Paint protection film (PPF)! It’s the ideal method for car enthusiasts such as yourself when protecting your prized cars. But what is PPF? How do you install it? How long does it last? We’ve got those answers and more.  

What Is Paint Protection Film?

As a Tesla owner, you probably have already seen that Tesla’s overall paint job isn’t really at par with the technology driving it. It has very thin paint that chips easily. As unfortunate as it is, there are different methods that allow you to protect your Tesla AND its resale value, and PPF is one of them. 

PPF is installed on the surface of the paint to create a thick barrier which protects it from rocks, bird droppings, stains, scratches, and other elements. It also brings out the shine of your paint and makes it look brand new all the time. Lots of films have a hydrophobic coating, which makes your car really easy to clean. 

Why Should You Invest In PPF?

Now that we’ve introduced you to the idea of PPF, here are some long-standing benefits it offers to your Tesla.

  • It has self-healing properties  
  • It hides microscopic imperfections  
  • It prevents scuffs and scratches, safeguarding your Tesla from everyday use
  • It is hydrophobic, making clean-up easy and etching harder 
  • It is cost-effective, since you no longer need to spend money on future paint touch ups or corrections 
  • It lasts for up to 10 years
  • Technology has advanced to where the films no longer crack or yellow

What Are The Different Ways To Protect Your Tesla?

You can go to a shop that will offer full or partial coverage. This can be costly, but effective! However, if you’re considering installing PPF for your Tesla and you’re all about DIY projects, let’s look through some of the options we offer at Tesbros. All of our kits offer protection for high-impact areas and we only use the highest quality materials. The best part? You can find these PPF kits at extremely budget-friendly prices, keeping you and your Tesla happy!

1. PPF Door Sill Protection

With so much foot traffic, PPF protects this area from scrapes and scratches that’ll end up dulling your Tesla and chipping the paint.  

2. PPF Door Handle Protection

Your door handle is another part that is extremely vulnerable to external damage. In fact, you might start noticing scratches and scuff marks more and more everyday. To solve this, we have super easy to apply door handle AND door handle area PPF kits. 

3. PPF Door Edge Guard Protection

If you’ve got a Tesla, chances are someone wants to park very close to you. In fact, you might even find yourself door to door with another vehicle. Swing the door open too fast and BAM, a paint chip. This Door Edge Guard PPF kit can help prevent these damages without harming your paint or leaving sticky adhesive residue behind like other door edge protection items. 

4. PPF Headlight and Foglight Protection – Tinted and Gloss 

Arguably one of the most important areas to protect, getting PPF installed on your headlights and fog lights is one of the best ways to keep your Tesla looking sleek and crack-free. Made out of premium PPF, we offer both clear and tinted that doesn’t compromise light intensity. 

5. PPF Tail Light Protection – Tinted and Gloss 

Match your headlights with tail light protection too! These are designed to allow normal condensation evaporation and avoid any inference with the charge port, all while protecting from scratches and scuffs. The tinted set doesn’t compromise light intensity, so you can effectively prevent damage to your taillights while riding in style. 

Keep Your Tesla Safe on Your Daily Commute Using Tesbros’ PPF Kits

These kits have been specially designed to make PPF applications simple and easy for everyone, even those with absolutely no prior PPF experience. Bonus: Every kit comes with a video guide and these are free to access on our YouTube channel

Instead of spending lots of money at a shop, you can always opt to protect your ride yourself with these PPF kits. A few options outside of the $100 range are these bundles below and our all-new DIY PPF Front Kits for Models 3 and Y.