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I know it can be a bit overwhelming when you first get your Tesla, and then you have to figure out what accessories you want with so many options out there. We wanted to give you a starting point on where to begin looking and give you ideas to make your Tesla ownership experience the best possible. There’s no right or wrong way to accessorize your Tesla, so let’s make it fit your organizational needs and style equally. 

A little background – My name is Ji and I’m the founder and CEO of TESBROS. I’ve been a Tesla owner since 2018 when I first got my Model 3. Since then, I’ve owned all models –  the S, 3, X, and a couple Ys. TESBROS started simply because there were things I needed or wanted in my Tesla that I didn’t have, so I found a way.  

Everything we sell has been tested by me or the TESBROS team before it even hits the shelf. We want to make sure you have the highest quality items. Also, you don’t have to buy from us! This is just to give you some ideas as you start your Tesla journey. So, let’s dive into my Model Y. 

Power Frunk

This is one that most people think should come standard with the Model Y but doesn’t. You actually have to install an aftermarket kit, and this one is Hansshow. I had this on my previous Model Y and I can never go back. I would say this is for someone who is comfortable taking apart their car and working on some complex parts themselves as it is a moderate to difficult DIY install. We have a detailed video on how to install this.

Frunk Organizer Bins 

This is great for organizing, and it doesn’t take up too much room to do so. I play pickleball and can easily get to everything I need with this bin, and I don’t have balls rolling around in the frunk while driving.  I also use it for restaurant take out. Since it’s a compartmented bin, leftovers can fit without sliding around and I don’t stink up the cabin with food in the process. Plus, the bin can easily be taken out, cleaned and put back in. 

Trunk Organizer Bins  

These trunk bins are nice, because they are stackable and fit perfectly. If you use your trunk compartment quite a bit, this might be for you. I like to put my chargers, adapters and tools in the bottom to keep it separated from my jackets and things I don’t want dirty in the top.  

Mud Flaps 

These protect your car’s paint on the rockers by blocking rocks and mud from slinging on there. Tesla paint is very soft and thin. I’ve seen some Tesla rockers be completely destroyed in a couple of years, so this will greatly reduce that damage. You can also get PPF to have a more complete protection. Mud flaps also offer a sporty look if that’s what you’re going for.   

Floor Mats 

These are a 3D edge to edge fit with sound dampening foam and grips on the bottom to keep from slipping. No more worrying about rain, snow or mud getting in as it’s water resistant. They can easily be taken out and cleaned up. You can have them for the front and rear seats, but also for the frunk and trunk. I particularly like it for the trunk as it’s great for hauling things and not worrying about damaging the carpeted trunk floor. 

Center Console Organizers 

I have one in the bottom underneath the sliding door and one under the armrest that fits perfectly and matches the OEM look. They are felt, so I don’t have to hear all that rattling from change or pens. I use them because it’s nice to have everything I need easily accessible, instead of having to throw everything into a pit. 

Armrest Cover 

Your armrest can get worn out pretty easily with the oils on your skin touching it often. This is a great barrier to keep that armrest looking new, as well as providing some cushion. If you drive a lot like me, I would recommend something like this. 

Cupholder Insert 

This is to keep your cups and bottles nice and secure in the cupholder. A lot of times the cupholder is too big for my cups so this helps out by preventing spills and annoying cup rattles.   

Screen Protector 

This one is very easy to apply as it comes with a bracket that you can line it up to and stick it down. I like the matte one, because it reduces glare and fingerprints. But if you like the OEM shine, there’s HD clear as well. 

Interior Vinyl Wraps 

I have a white interior, so I put on our satin white steering wheel wrap and center console wrap in my car to make it all match seamlessly. There are several color and texture options to choose from, but wraps really elevate your Tesla and take it to the moon. If you wanted something that will make you stand out, here it is. We have DIY wraps for your interior and exterior with step by step instructional videos to help you along. 

Trunk Side Storage Bins  

The side of your trunk has a great pocket for a small storage area, but it’s easy to get dirty and hard to clean. So if you have one of these TPU bins in here, you can take it out, clean it, and put it back in. It’s water resistant so anything wet like swim gear or snow gear can easily be put in there. There’s a lid on top that sits flush with the trunk, and it all looks very OEM.   

Jack Pads 

These are used to lift your Tesla safely without damaging your battery pack, so I like to have them with me if I ever get a flat tire or have to take it to a mechanic that needs jack pads.


I have the EcoHitch, an aftermarket product. You can also get the one from Tesla, but if you’re like me and only use it to pull small things like bikes, this might be a better option for you to save some money. You do need to be comfortable taking apart your car and installing it yourself. This video explains more about the install and what your options are. 

I hope this helps you get started on your Tesla accessories journey. I know there’s a lot out there, but the main tip I would give is to figure out what the absolute necessities are for you and then get all the cool things you want after that.