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If you’re a Tesla Model S, 3, or X owner with a car older than 2021, you’re probably staring at some shiny chrome trims wondering how you can make them look new, sleek, and modern. Well, we’ve got you covered with the perfect solution: a chrome delete wrap. You can do-it-yourself with our Tesbros Chrome Delete Kits with video guides to walk you through the process.  

What Is Chrome Delete? Template vs Bulk 

Chrome deleting is applying vinyl to the chrome trims of a car. Our kits are made of high-quality 3M pre-cut vinyl, where you simply peel, squeegee in place, and tuck for years of blacked out chrome. To have a professional install it “in bulk” means that they take a large piece of vinyl, lay it over the chrome, squeegee down, cut the vinyl out, and tuck in the edges. You can see the difference between the two installs (pre-cut and bulk) in the video above. 

Why Should You Chrome Delete

Scratch Protection

One of the reasons many Tesla owners opt for a chrome delete is the superior protection it offers the factory chrome. Vinyl is scratch-resistant and prevents scuffs. This is especially nice on the door handles that are constantly being scratched with fingernails, purses, and keys. And the best part is that it lasts for over five years and is resistant to water, fuel, salt, acids, and alkalis, making it a worthy investment.

Heat Reduction

A chrome delete is ideal for keeping your Tesla’s door handles and other exteriors cool during those hot summer months. 

Fully Customizable

You can delete your chrome in a satin, glossy, or matte black finish or dark satin grey. OR you can go wild with any color you want. Contact if you are interested in a custom chrome delete color. 

Easily Reversible

A prime reason wraps and chrome deletes are so preferred for exterior customization is their ease of application and removal. They can be removed with no chrome damaged.

What Parts Can You Chrome Delete?

For Teslas specifically, there’s chrome on the window trims, T logos, Mirrors, AP turn signals, door handles, and for Model S/X – the rear and front applique. These can easily be covered without removing any parts of your Tesla to do so. This is convenient, since some cars come with intricate chrome grills or require disassembly to wrap. 

Our chrome delete kits come with 2 sets in case of errors, so you can get it just right without any pressure. And if you need a third piece, contact us and we’ll get you taken care of.