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As Tesla owners, we all want our windows to be as clean as the day we purchased our cars. Clean windows give off the luxury feel we all want and let in more sunlight. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to properly clean windows without scratches or streaks. To get a good, quick, and streak-free clean on your glass is simple with just two basic items! We’re specifically talking about auto glass in the video above, but this works on all glass surfaces.

What you need

  • A glass cleaner that is streak free, doesn’t have harsh chemicals like alcohol or ammonia, and is eco-friendly. This will be better for you as you won’t be inhaling toxic fumes, and better for your car, because solutions based in alcohol or ammonia can leave a streak and attract more moisture and dust. They can also dry out your rubber trims and seals. 
  • A few clean microfiber towels designated ONLY for glass. You don’t want to use these with other cleaning products and then spread that onto your glass, causing streaks. The video shows the types of microfibers you’ll need more in depth.

There’s two main reasons why you’re leaving streaks. 

  1. If you’re cleaning on a really hot day, the cleaner may be drying out too quickly on the glass leaving behind a residue. 
  2. It could also be the towels you’re using. If your towel isn’t absorbent enough, you might NOT be picking up the dirt, grime, and cleaner, but really just smearing it around. 


  1. Spray the area with your cleaner.
  2. You’ll switch between different types of microfibers. The first one is a less absorbent cloth and a little bit rougher. If you watched our previous interior cleaning video, you learned that agitation is the name of the game. We’re gonna use this first towel to agitate the grease and debris and get it all loose. It helps to fold it into fourths and wipe in opposite directions, flipping the towel over to a clean side after a couple passes to avoid scratching your car with debris.
  3. The second towel to use is a softer, more absorbent towel. This will pick up the rest of the cleaner along with all the other debris we let loose.
  4. For a third cycle, only if your windows are really dirty, you might want to grab another soft, dry towel and buff it out, pick up anything that’s left.

And there you have it – a streak-free shine!

Note: Never use a razor to remove a tough spot. This can cause scratching and leave your windows more likely to break in the future. Let it soak in cleaning solution instead.