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We’ve thankfully had several opportunities to wrap Cybertrucks in Austin, TX, over the past month, and we’re super excited to have more wrap projects coming up involving the stainless steel beasts.  

While we have been wrapping them, we’ve also been developing wrap templates for beginners in mind – for the average Joe, for people like you. Maybe you don’t necessarily like the fingerprints, or maybe you don’t like the stainless steel, or maybe you just want to look different from everybody else out there. And that’s why we created these DIY kits, so you can customize your Tesla easily and affordably.  

About Us

We’ve been wrapping Teslas professionally and creating DIY kits for Tesla owners for about 5 years now. Notably, we came out with the chrome delete kits when Teslas only came with chrome trims, and we created easy center console wraps for those that disliked the original piano black. All of our DIY kits are pre-cut to fit perfectly without you needing to use a blade, and they come with backing cuts, making install even easier. Ji demonstrates more about these cuts and how the install process works in the video above. Since then, we’ve launched a multitude of products, but most recently the biggest ones were the paint protection film front and full body kits for Model 3, S, and Y. 

About The Cybertruck DIY Kits 

It’s not just about the product, the template, or the kit. Having a course that really guides users from start to finish – not only the install process, but explaining how to prep and the post installation maintenance, etc. really sets this kit apart from just ordering a template and figuring it out yourself. We provide the tools you need to wrap your Cybertruck successfully, AND show you how to use them in this all-inclusive kit. 

Customer experience is really important to us. That’s why we keep our support team in house, and answer all your questions in a timely manner. If you need help, you can always reach us at

How many colors can I choose from? 

We want to offer an array of colors, so you can make your Cybertruck truly yours. So we partnered with Avery Dennison to offer over 100 colors. As long as they can ship it to us, we will do it. They include matte, satin, gloss, color flip, and textured wraps. Check out some colors available in the video above. We’re really excited to see these trucks in all these colors. We’re big partners with 3M as well, so you can also get 3M if you request it with us.

Are you going to make PPF kits too? 

When we were working with PPF on the Cybertruck recently, we noticed it was incredibly hard for the edges to stick down, and that’s exactly why we’re not going to offer it right away. Are we going to come up with a way? Absolutely. The Cybertruck edges are rough, very thin, and pretty much a 90 degree angle. If we can’t guarantee a successful install for our customers, we’re not going to rush into it. We’re going to take our time and make sure we create the best experience for you so that you can be successful.

So, our first stage is going to be all the vinyl colors from Avery and 3M. After that, we’re gonna offer PPF in matte, gloss, and color. 

Lastly, I just want to say thank you to all our customers, our audience, really everybody who has helped us to get to where we are. We’ve learned so much from our previous kits, and you’ve really helped us fine tune it and make it better. What we strive to do at TESBROS is help to empower Tesla owners to customize, protect, and maintain their vehicles.

Check out the video below where Ji explains how to install our kits with ease by demonstrating on the hood.