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Shop DIY Cybertruck Vinyl Wrap Kits

1. Understanding DIY Cybertruck Wrap Kits

The key to successful vinyl wrapping lies in a well-equipped DIY kit. Our kits include pre-cut vinyl pieces for each exterior panel, a prep kit for surface cleanliness before wrapping, a heat gun for shaping, a set of squeegees and other wrapping tools, an installation reference guide, and step-by-step video instructions.
You have over 100 Avery Dennison colors to choose from, and you can request 3M colors as well. We don’t think you should be limited in options. Speaking of that we will have PPF kits for the Cybertruck pretty soon too! 

2. Beginner-Friendly Installation

We’ve been making DIY kits for over 5 years and have honed the process to make it user-friendly, even for novices. Even if you’ve never attempted a vinyl wrap before, these kits are designed with beginners in mind. While prior knowledge isn’t necessary, taking advantage of provided courses can empower you to maximize the potential of your kit. To ensure your success, our courses start with prepping your car, understanding the material, and reviewing the tools provided before you even start wrapping your ride. We want to make sure you’re prepared and confident the whole way through. We also offer support to ask us questions anytime.

3. Cybertruck’s Unique Flat Surface

One of the standout features of the Cybertruck is its flat and angular surface. Compared to other Tesla models, this characteristic makes vinyl application notably easier.

4. Not Much Disassembly Required

Worried about dismantling parts of your Cybertruck? Fear not. Our DIY wrap kits allow you to achieve a professional-looking finish without any disassembly, except for the side mirrors. However, these are easily removed as shown here. Comparatively, other Teslas require the removal of trims, bumpers, headlights, etc.

5. Precise Fit for Your Cybertruck

Our pre-cut and custom-made vinyl pieces align precisely with the stainless steel panels of the Cybertruck. This precision is vital for a seamless and visually appealing result. As long as you follow along with the instructions provided, the wrap will fit exactly to your panels with NO cutting necessary.

6. Installation Time

While the transformation won’t happen instantly, it’s a manageable project. For beginners, allocate between 8 to 16 hours for the entire process. I would set aside a couple days so you don’t feel rushed. The comprehensive kit and detailed instructions will guide you every step of the way.

7. Longevity of the Vinyl Wrap

Our DIY kits come with high-quality Avery Dennison or 3M vinyl, rated for 5-10 years depending on proper care and maintenance. This primarily means hand washing about every 2 weeks, and getting rid of stains promptly.

8. Cost Comparison with Professional Services

Vinyl wrapping your Cybertruck shouldn’t break the bank. It depends on your geographical location as to how much a professional install will cost, but DIY wraps will typically be about half the cost of a pro install. It’s a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

9. Vinyl Maintenance and Cleaning

Once your Cybertruck undergoes its vinyl transformation, maintenance is key. The vinyl is resistant to fading, but regular cleaning is essential. Aim for a cleaning routine at least once every two weeks. We recommend using a pH neutral and biodegradable shampoo along with the two-bucket method. Using a quick detailer before stains (bird droppings, sap, water spots, etc.) set in is super helpful as well.
Embark on your vinyl wrapping journey with the confidence that comes from these expert tips. Your Cybertruck is not just a vehicle; it’s a canvas waiting for your personal touch. With our DIY kit, the journey to a sleek and unique finish is both accessible and rewarding. Happy wrapping!