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What you need

  • PWS Part #1299965-00-A – (Ask your Tesla service center to see if you can buy it)
  • Comes with 3 screws
  • T25 Torx Bit Socket
  • Ratchet or driver
  • Trim tools
  • Light

About the PWS

The Tesla Pedestrian Warning System, or PWS, is a whirring noise that emits from your front bumper that allows hearing and/or vision impaired individuals to be aware of a Tesla approaching. Without it, Teslas are so silent that it can cause pedestrians to be hit simply because they didn’t know it was approaching. 

Tesla started installing the PWS in 50% of its production Sept 1, 2019 to follow NHTSA safety guidelines that say all EVs must make noise at speeds below 19 MPH. The deadline for full compliance of all EVs to have this noise was Sept 1, 2020. 

The PWS can be added to vehicles built July 2019 – September 2020, as there should be a wiring harness and speaker grill under the front bumper, just not the speaker. So, if you don’t have the PWS but your car was made between these months, check for these retrofits to see if you have PWS capability. After installing it, you should be able to put your car in drive and it’ll start whirring! You will NOT have boombox capability until you contact your service center and ask if they will push out the update for you.

Install PWS

In the video above, you can follow along to see how I installed the PWS in my 2020 Model Y (which had the wiring harness & speaker grill). I ordered the PWS part from Tesla for $200 (part #1299965-00-A). You can also schedule a service visit and have a technician install and configure it without having to worry with any of this. 

If you do choose the DIY route, you’ll order the part, and install it in your front bumper on the passenger side.

  1. Turn your wheel to the right so you can get better access.
  2. Next, take off some of the trim around the wheel well.
  3. Once you peel back the wheel well cover, you should see the speaker grill right inside, along with the wiring harness clipped to the inside of the bumper. Unclip that, and attach it to your PWS part.
  4. Check to see if the whirring noise works.
  5. Then, fit the PWS into the speaker grill and screw it in.
  6. Close the well back up.

Get Boombox

The “Boombox” mode was added in a software update in late 2020. With the boombox, you can blast fart noises to people outside the car in place of a regular horn. Other horn options are goat noises, the cucaracha, applause, “tada”, and more! This feature also lets you change the sound your Tesla makes while driving and play loud music from the car when parked. You can also insert your own USB device and save up to five custom sounds. Farting noises are also played in “Emissions Testing Mode” in the Toybox. 

To get the Boombox after installing your PWS, contact your service center and ask them to push out the update. For me, it didn’t work right away. They had to push out another update for it to work. But, it’s as simple as that! You’ll find Boombox in the Toybox.