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If you’ve just ceramic coated your car or are about to and want to keep it in great condition for years to come, you’re in the right place. Let’s go through easy DIY tips to make sure your ceramic coating lasts for the years it’s rated for. 

Washing your ceramic coating properly is important when it comes to how well the properties hold up and how long it lasts. Ceramic coating typically lasts up to 3 years when applied over PPF and 3-5 years for paint surfaces. 

Car Wash

DO NOT wash your car in the first 7 days after its applied because it’s still curing. Don’t park under trees or in rain. It’s best to keep it in a garage if you can. If you notice any stains on it during this curing period, wipe gently with waterless to remove. 

So once that curing period is done, the 2-bucket method is the most recommended way to wash cars. This is especially important when it comes to wraps and coatings. A good rule of thumb is to wash every 2 weeks or so depending on how much you drive and where you’re driving. 

Waterless Wash 

Waterless is great for cleaning bird poop, bugs, sap, and anything that may etch into the coating. Carry it with you in your car and pull it out to clean on-the-go. This will keep you from having to wash your car too often.

Last Minute Tips

  • You can clay bar and polish if needed.
  • There’s no need to wax the coating. The surface will be too slick and will not bond to the coating. 
  • You CANNOT install vinyl or PPF wraps over ceramic coating. Nothing will adhere to such a hydrophobic surface. Always put ceramic coating last over your wraps. 
  • The only way to remove ceramic coating is to wait it out for the 3 or so years or to polish it off professionally. 
  • A lot of wrap shops will have a warranty that I would recommend asking about. Some even offer discounts if you get ceramic coating on top of a wrap.