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Common Issues with the OEM rear spoiler on Tesla Model 3/Y

If your Tesla sits out in the elements and sun a lot, the OEM spoilers typically delaminate overtime. This means the clear coating on top starts to separate from the carbon fiber and sometimes flakes off, exposing the carbon fiber to be damaged as well. 

The other main issue is the way it’s designed to stay on. Tesla spoilers are not bolted on; they are on by double-sided adhesive tape. This design causes the edges to raise up or the spoiler to fall off over time, depending on how much debris is making its way underneath and loosening up the adhesive. 

Tip: As soon as you install your spoiler, ceramic coat it to keep it protected from the elements. We recommend Gyeon or G-Technique

Top shows delamination on the OEM spoiler and bottom is the Tesbros spoiler.

How to Remove the Rear Spoiler 

  1. Run a heat gun evenly over the spoiler. Make sure to keep it moving and not stay in one place for long periods.
  2. Run fishing line underneath it from both sides.
  3. You may have to add more heat. Then, pull while holding both sides. Make sure to pull directly toward you so you don’t scratch the car when it comes off.

How to Clean the Area  

  1. The best way is to pressure wash the area and wash with car shampoo and a degreaser. But if that’s not available to you, use waterless wash to get most of the dirt and gunk off.
  2. Once most of the dirt is gone and it’s just adhesive left, use an adhesive remover like Goo Gone or Easy Stripper. It may take a lot of patience and elbow grease, but you’ll get there.
  3. If you feel comfortable, you can use the 3M eraser along with a drill. This could damage your car, so make sure you know what you’re doing before trying this.
  4. Now you can leave it shiny and clean like this, or you can move on to the next part where we’ll prep the area for a new install.

Prep for New Install

  1. Once it’s all clean, go over it once more with a degreaser and microfiber.
  2. Then, wipe down with 70% Isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Lastly, wipe down with a dry microfiber towel and make sure it’s completely dry. You don’t want any moisture at all remaining.

How to Install Tesbros Carbon Fiber Spoiler

  1. Apply the vinyl install guides (included with purchase) 
  2. Peel one side of the adhesive covers off
  3. Stick in place making sure it’s aligned to the edges of the guides
  4. Peel the remaining adhesive covers off
  5. Press spoiler down, moving evenly around it
  6. Use vinyl slips (included with purchase) to wrap around the spoiler, pressing it firmly in place

The video above shows you exactly how to do this if you have questions. 

Let it dry for at least 8 hours, preferably inside in room temperature. I’d recommend installing it in the afternoon/evening and letting it sit all night. I hope this helped, and check out the video above for more details and visuals. Our Tesbros spoiler is inspired by the OEM, and looks almost exactly the same. You can purchase below or go to our website for more Tesla customizations. Model Y spoiler coming soon!