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TESBROS started in 2019 with a simple door label kit, and now we’re thrilled to be able to offer lots of different wraps that Tesla owners can install on their own to make their Tesla stand out from the fleet. Check out these top customization kits that can really make your Tesla your own. The best part? These are super affordable and easy to do with our step-by-step guides, so you don’t have to break the bank going to a shop to get it done. So, grab a friend to help or turn on some tunes and let’s get started.

Note: All TESBROS color vinyl kits come with 2 sets in case of mistakes. All kits are removeable with no damage to your interior or exterior. They last 7+ years with good care. 

Charge Port Wrap for Model 3/Y

This is a great first install if you’ve never worked with vinyl before and want to just test the waters. We have a few different design options – black carbon fiber, plaid, and galaxy. 

You’ll definitely be the coolest one at the Supercharger.

Chrome Delete for Models 3/S/X

2020+ Teslas and all Model Ys already come with black trim, but the older ones have chrome glaring at you. With these kits, you can upgrade your Tesla to a more modern, sleek look.  

Stealth Bundle for Model 3/Y

This bundle includes the pillar delete wrap kit and the front bumper sport mode wrap kit. After you’ve deleted your trims, this will take it a step further by making a more noticeable difference in your Tesla’s appearance. The pillar delete blacks out the roof, making a dome look, while the sport mode kit adds depth and curves to your bumper. 

Center Console Wrap for Model 3/Y 

The fingerprint-magnet, scratch-prone piano black on the Gen 1.0 center console is not the best look, and if you agree, we have plenty of colors and textures to choose from to cover that up. 

We also have the same color options for the Gen 2.0. The plus side is that this one is much easier and takes about half the time as the 1.0.

BONUS: We have PPF for your 2.0 center console if you like the look of it and just want to protect it from scuffs, scratches, and stains. 

Dashboard Wrap for Model 3/Y 

If you don’t like the old school wooden dash, you can certainly switch it up. We have lots of colors and textures to choose from, and you can even match your center console wrap for that cohesive look. If you have a 2021+ Model, you probably have the wooden door trim too. We also have a kit for that so you can connect the dash all the way around.

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