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These are our top-rated, must-have accessories that you need. These items are not only the ones we recommend after painstakingly testing out and making sure we have the best products for the Tesla community, but also the ones our customers have raved about.

Teslas have a beautiful minimalistic interior, but it’s not always so convenient. Here are the high-quality, affordable products we think will make your Tesla ownership experience better.

If you have the 2024 Model 3 Highland, shop here instead for the new owner products we recommend.

Model 3/Y New Owners Essential Bundle: 

  • Screen protector 

    • The very first thing you should buy – even bring it with you to Delivery Day. 
    • Your fingernails will inevitably scratch the screen every time you use it. 
    • The protector will minimize fingerprints and smudges. 
    • We offer Clear and Matte clarity. We suggest Matte, because it decreases glare on your screen.
  • Jack pads 

    • These are used to jack up your car safely, so the jack doesn’t slip and damage your battery pack – which is right next to your jacking points. 
    • If you take your Tesla to a shop, they may not use these, so it’s great to bring them with in case they need them. 
    • Click here for our guide on using jack pads.
  • Cupholder insert 

    • Makes sure your cup doesn’t slide around or spill 
    • Easy to clean 
  • Center console organizer

    • An item you would think the car would come with
    • This is a perfect fit inside your console and looks OEM
    • Felt material to keep items from rattling inside 

Model 3/Y Mud Flaps 

  • Protect your rockers from dirt and rocks flinging up and damaging your paint. 
  • Model 3 flaps come with PPF to protect from paint damage as the mud flap rubs against it. 
  • Easy install & comes with all necessary hardware.

Model 3/Y/S Floor Mats 

  • Protect your carpets from snow, ice, mud, dirt, and really just all the elements you drag in from outside.
  • These are all-weather, waterproof mats that are super easy to take out and clean.
  • 3-D scanned for edge-to-edge fitment, including raised edges 
  • For EVERY part of your Tesla Model 3/Y/S from the frunk to the trunk well 

Model 3/Y Air Filter Replacement Kit + Trim Removal Tool Kit  

  • If your Tesla ever smells like dirty socks and it’s not you, it’s probably your air filter that needs to be replaced and the evaporator cleaned – typically a yearly occurrence. 
  • This kit has everything you need to change your filters AND clean them out to keep it smelling fresh.  
  • HEPA grade perfect fit to trap all allergens and dust from slipping through or around. 
  • Kit comes with a simple pry tool, but if you work on your Tesla a lot, you’ll notice that pry tools are really necessary to get to places, so we also have a trim tool set made specifically for Tesla owners. 

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