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If you need to replace your autopilot signal 2.0 – for example, if the camera lens cracks – this video shows you exactly how to. Also, if you’re wrapping your car with vinyl or PPF, it’s a good idea to remove your autopilot turn signals for a cleaner install.

NOTE: If you’re only having a software issue, don’t immediately assume the hardware is broken and you need to replace it. Try our software troubleshooting tips at the bottom, and/or set up a Tesla Service request through the app. 


  • Pry tools
  • Painters or masking tape


  1. Put tape right above the turn signal. This will ensure you don’t accidentally scratch the paint as you pop the AP signal off. You can tape all the way around it if you want.
  2. Using a wide pry tool, push from the top where it meets the car. Make sure you push down rather than out. You should hear a pop as the top two clips comes off. You’ll be able to see the two clips if you look closely.
  3. Push up from the bottom with your hands to see if it will easily come out. If so, you’re lucky and you can skip to step 5!
  4. If it doesn’t come out right away, you’ll need to reach your hand under the fender and press together the two pressure clips to release it.
    • For Model 3/S: Using a pry tool, take off the clip at the bottom of the wheel well and pull the wheel well out enough to where you can slide your arm behind it and reach the AP signal from behind.
    • For Model Y/X: Using a pry tool, take off the clip at the bottom of the wheel well. Then, pull back the wheel well trim by popping it off. You should now be able to pry back the wheel well enough to where you can slide your arm behind it and reach the AP signal from behind.
  5. Once it’s popped out, there are two push plugs attached to it. Remove them, and you can now install your new signal OR a wrap/PPF around this area. NOTE: If the plugs fall back into the hole, don’t worry! They don’t fall too far. You can simply reach in and grab them.
  6. When you reattach, push the plugs in until you hear a click.
  7. To put the signal back into place, clip the bottom part in first. Then, roll the top part into place.
  8. Go to your touchscreen and check to make sure your camera is working. Check troubleshooting tips below if not. 
  9. Lastly, pop your clip back in place at the bottom of the wheel well, and if it’s a Model Y, pop the trim piece back into place. Model Y TIP: Start by putting the bottom latch into place where the trims meet, then pop the rest of the clips back in. 


On your touchscreen, tap the camera icon on the bottom (third from left) and it will show you the camera footage.

  • If a camera(s) is out in your touchscreen, try a soft restart. Hold down the two scroll circles on your steering wheel for about 15 seconds until the touchscreen goes black.
  • If you leave it alone for a while, your car will automatically go into a deep cycle restart, and sometimes this is simply the fix.
  • Recalibrate the cameras in your settings. (If you do this, it can take up to 100 miles for autopilot to be enabled again.)
  • If it’s still not working, it’s time to schedule with Tesla.