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Earn up to 2,500 credits when purchasing your Tesla!

If you made it here, you probably just ordered your Tesla and you’re looking forward to Delivery Day. First off, Congrats! Teslas are great. I’ve owned all of the Models (except for the Roadster, unfortunately) and I love them all. Second, you need to be prepared and know what to look for on Delivery Day so you can leave the lot with your Tesla in the best shape possible. In the video above, I do a walkthrough of this list, showing you exactly what to look for, and here in the blog, you can download the checklist, print, and bring with you on that big day. Remember, you deserve the best!


  • Make sure VIN matches paperwork
  • Correct color & options
  • Tesla license plate frame & front license plate mount
  • No longer included, but a separate purchase: Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) cable with the included standard adapters (NEMA 5-15, NEMA 14-50) and the carry bag. Check out this Tesla support page for the latest updates on what is included in this UMC bag as it can change year to year. 
  • SAE J1772 Adapter
  • Latest software version installed



  • Surfaces and underside is free of scuffs, marks, abrasions, or smudges
    • Look for deep scratches
    • Minor scratches from transport will be visible but can be buffed out
  • Wheels free of scrapes from truck unloading/loading
  • All 4 valve stem covers on tires


  • All panels are aligned & flush, no huge gaps or misalignments (crooked hood)
  • Frunk gap/sag, makes sure its no more than 4mm
  • Front and rear lights are flush with hood/trunk/panels
  • Front/Rear lights are free of condensation
  • Glass roof panels are aligned and show no sign of potential leaks
  • Doors, hood, trunk all open and close properly


  • Both key cards work on the B-pillar
  • Phone Bluetooth connectivity as primary key works
  • Fob works (For S and X)
  • All phone app functions work (unlocking, preconditioning, etc.)
  • All front & rear lights work (emergency, turn signals, brakes, hi-beams/fog, up/down adjustment from touch screen)
  • Side mirrors make minimal noise when shifting from state to state
  • Charge port door sits flush and moves freely, opens consistently
  • Each of the Mobile Connector adapters charge, latch and unlatch without problems (Don’t manually push the charger port down!!!)
  • Make sure supercharging works
  • Make sure windshield wipers work and look for alignment issues



  • Surfaces and underside are free of scuffs, marks, abrasions, or smudges
  • Check the windshield and windows for ripples in the glass
  • Interior liner is properly sealed & not “hanging”
  • Paint in the door and body gap
  • All carpeted floor mats are present for long range models and up
  • Seat tears or smudges
  • Back seats are aligned


  • All windows go up/down without noise or issues
  • Make sure AC/Heat works at full power without strange noises
  • All interior button functionality works, especially dome lights & emergency
  • Both front door emergency handles work
  • Both front seats don’t squeak when moving (check all directions of motion) OR folding (for rear)
  • All interior lights present & working (especially footwells, puddle lights, dome, etc.)
  • 1 USB port in glove box comes with a USB flash drive for Sentry Mode/dashcam video footage 
  • All 4 USB outlets (2 in center console, 2 underneath backseat vents) work
  • 12 volt DC receptacle has power (located in center console)
  • 2 wireless phone chargers work in center console
  • Rear backup camera and side cameras clear & working
  • Music streaming & phone streaming work, radio reception is good
  • Voice control works
  • Microphone picks up good audio (call a friend with the dialer)
  • All speakers emit sound, no audio “clipping”
    •  2 tweeter speaker on the doors (by the rearview mirrors)
    •  2 mid range speaker above in the front
    • 2 bass speakers on the bottom of the front doors
    • 2 mid speakers on the back doors
    • 2 mid speakers on the top of the trunk
    • Subwoofer inside the trunk, right side

Check out our USED Tesla Checklist if you’re thinking of going with used! 

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