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Cleaning your car’s interior may seem dreadful, but here we show you some easy and affordable tips and tools to have your car looking spotless. We are cleaning a Tesla Model S here, but you can use these methods on any car.

What You Need

To get started remove all items and bulk trash from your car. Don’t forget to check the center console!


  1. Vacuum all of the interior, including inside the trunk.
  2. Use your brushes to agitate the areas that are hard to get to such as your seat crevices and carpets that have small debris stuck to it. Once that’s free, vacuum it up.
  3. Remove all interior plastic or rubber covers you have and clean those outside your car with the interior cleaner. A common area for those materials would be in your center console area.

Interior Cleaner

  1. Spray cleaner on your microfiber and then wipe down all areas – even leather and cloth areas. Make sure not to spray directly on the surfaces to avoid saturating and causing water spots. Spray your microfiber instead. 
  2. For tight areas and where grime or stains are, spray cleaner on your brush, agitate the area, then vacuum or wipe it up. We show you various areas this could be useful in the video. Some surfaces may need more than one go at it.

Glass Areas

  1. For your windows, mirrors, and screens, spray glass cleaner on a small brush to get in the edges of the glass.
  2. Then, spray your microfiber with glass cleaner and wipe down the surfaces.
  3. Lastly, use a dry towel to buff out the excess.

Door Sills

  1. For these areas use a different microfiber cloth than you were using as they tend to be the dirtiest area.
  2. Spray the top of your door sill with interior cleaner, use your brush to agitate the area, then wipe down with your towel.
  3. For the outer edges of your door sills, we recommend using our waterless wash just because these areas tend to hold a lot of dirt and debris. Just spray and wipe down.

Floor Mats

  1. Use your drill attachment brush if you have one for these. It will really get into these textured areas. Otherwise use your leather brush.
  2. Spray interior cleaner on the mats.
  3. Go over the entire area with your brush.
  4. Wipe down until dry. You may have to go over it again if it’s really dirty. For carpet mats, you can do the same technique. Just make sure to really wipe it down after with your towel, and let it dry outside if it’s a nice sunny day.