Tesla over delivered with the Model Y. Pictures don’t do it justice and it looks amazing in person.

With deliveries now going out, many new owners are looking to protect and personalize with Model Y accessories.

The #1 question people have asked – Can Model 3 accessories fit with the Model Y?

We’ve compiled a list of Model Y accessories that are confirmed to fit and are owned by some awesome small business owners in the Tesla community.

Here are some of our top picks for confirmed Model Y accessories you should consider as a new Model Y owner:

1. Model Y Center Console Kit

Similar to the Model 3, the Y comes with a piano black center console. The console looks great until it gets scratched, scuffed and marked with finger prints. Wraps are a great solution to these problems the center console is notorious for.

Does a Model 3 Center Console Wrap kit fit? Not exactly.

The Model Y Charging dock requires a different wrap size. We would recommend going with a Model Y specific Center Console Wrap Kit so you don’t have to go through the inconvenience of requesting for that separate piece to ship.

Shop Y Center Console

2. Jeda USB Hub

Engineered to fit your Model Y, the Tesla Model Y USB Hub is the first and original USB Hub designed specifically for your Tesla with dashcam and sentry storage in mind. The Tesla Model Y USB Hub allows you to use up to six different devices for charging and data purposes.

The Jeda Model Y USB Hub features six ports: four total USB A ports, and two USB C ports, all of which are equipped for power and data usage.

Shop Jeda USB Hub

3. Model Y Puddle Lights

Known for their expertise in LED lights for Tesla vehicles, Abstract Ocean has sold over 100,000 of these awesome Ultra Bright puddle lights. They now have the Model Y puddle light available for pre-purchase. Be one of the first Model Y owners by purchasing through their site.

Shop Y Puddle Light

4. Auto Pilot Turn Signal Caps

With the Model Y having black trims instead of chrome, there are a few other details that Tesla removed. One of them being the iconic T logo on the Auto Pilot turn signal. 

The Model Y turn signals come plain black satin. If you like the look of the older AP turn signals but don’t want to wrap these, you can customize these with a Turn Signal cap:

Shop AP Turn Signal Caps

5. Model Y Door Label Kit

The Model 3 and Y have identical door switches. The only difference is that the Model Y rear seats do have a door safety latch. 

The Model Y still DO have the manual door lever to be used to open the door when you don’t have any power. Unfortunately, for those unfamiliar with the Tesla Model 3/Y layout, they tend to go for the manual door lever instead of pushing the door button. This simple product solves that issue by indicating the proper button to push when opening the door. Plus, it comes with warning labels to put on your manual door lever if you want to take the extra step

Shop Y Door Label Kit

5. Model Y Screen Protector

The Model 3 and Y have identical 15-inch screen that act as the command center.

When I first bought the Model 3, I didn’t think I needed the screen protector considering it seemed unlikely that I would damage it. Boy, was I wrong. You never know when you have friends, family, nephews, pets, riding around the Tesla. There was even a time when a friend hit my screen with her backpack and she cracked the screen protector but the screen was A-okay. On top of the protection, ElonAccessories is probably the easiest install out of them all.

Shop Y Screen Protector

6. Model Y Floor Mats (coming soon)

Floor mats are essential for almost any car. If you want high quality floor mats made by a well known Tesla community member, we highly recommend checking out Tesmanian’s Model Y Floor mats!

These are not yet released however I would sign up for updates as they will sell out fast!

Shop Y Floor Mats

What other products would you recommend? What other products do you want!?  Comment below to let us know!

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