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Congratulations on your new truck! As you prepare for your delivery day, it’s essential to ensure that your Cybertruck meets the highest standards of quality and performance. To help you with this exciting journey, we’ve put together a comprehensive Cybertruck delivery checklist covering everything from paperwork to electronics. Let’s dive in!

First Things FirstĀ 

Before you even set foot in your Cybertruck, it’s crucial to ensure that all paperwork and documentation are in order. First, check that your VIN matches the paperwork and all registration info is correct. Make sure you have the trim you ordered, including the Foundation series badges if applicable.

Tesla includes front and rear license plate mounts and a SAE J1772 adapter, so make sure those are present. If you ordered a wall connector or mobile charger, check that that’s in your car. Before moving on, verify that your Cybertruck has the latest software version installed.

Exterior Inspection

Steel & Wheels

Thoroughly examine both the surface and underside for any signs of scuffs, marks, abrasions, or smudges. Pay particular attention to any deep scratches. Additionally, inspect the wheels for any scrapes that may have occurred during truck unloading or loading processes.

Make sure to verify the presence of all four valve stem covers on the tires and confirm that all four aero wheel covers are included.


When examining the Cybertruck, scrutinize all panels to ensure they are properly aligned and flush, without any noticeable gaps or misalignments, especially ones that cause a decrease in functionality. Verify that both front and rear lights are free from condensation, indicating proper sealing.

Check the alignment of the glass roof panels and inspect for any signs of potential leaks. Thoroughly examine the glass for any cracks or damage. Lastly, confirm the presence of tie-down points in the bed, ensuring there are six in total for secure cargo transportation.


Start by testing both key cards on the B-pillar to ensure their functionality. Next, check that all power-operated doors, including the frunk and trunk, open and close smoothly. Verify the phone’s Bluetooth connectivity as the primary key and thoroughly test all app functions such as unlocking and preconditioning.

Inspect all lights to confirm their operational status. Ensure minimal noise when adjusting the side mirrors. Confirm the proper operation of the charge port door, tonneau cover, tailgate, and bed outlets. Finally, conduct tests on ride height adjustments, windshield wiper, and supercharging functionality to ensure they are all in proper working order.

Interior Inspection


Examine the interior surfaces for any signs of scuffs, marks, abrasions, or smudges. Inspect the windshield and windows for any ripples in the glass, which could potentially compromise visibility.

Ensure that the interior liner is properly sealed without any scuff marks, ensuring a clean and polished appearance. Ensure the back seats are aligned and raise properly for optimal functionality. Additionally, confirm the inclusion of all-weather interior floor liners if you have the Foundation series.


Test all windows to ensure they operate smoothly without any noise or issues. Verify the proper operation of the air conditioning and heating systems, listening for any strange noises that could indicate underlying issues. Test all interior door buttons and make sure the front seats move easily and smoothly.

Furthermore, verify the functionality of all interior lights, including ambient lighting. Make sure the rear touchscreen doesn’t lag. Confirm all USB-C, wireless chargers, and 120 volt outlets operate. Confirm that the USB port in the glove box includes a USB flash drive for Sentry Mode and dashcam footage. Check that the rear backup camera and side cameras are clear and functioning properly. Finally, test music and phone streaming, radio reception, voice control, and microphone audio quality to ensure seamless connectivity and entertainment options.


By following this comprehensive checklist, you can rest assured that your Tesla Cybertruck delivery day will be a seamless and enjoyable experience. Remember, attention to detail is key when it comes to ensuring the quality and performance of your Cybertruck. You deserve the best and you shouldn’t roll off the lot until you have that. Thanks for reading, and make sure to download the Cybertruck delivery checklist above to take with you on the big day.