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Now that you’ve reserved your Tesla, you’re probably looking at effective ways to protect it. PPF is the best way to keep your paint shiny and scratch-free, and to help retain its resale value. Unlike a paint job, PPF can be removed and doesn’t damage the original paint. It ensures that it remains snazzy for up to 10 years without any yellowing or cracking as it used to do in the old days. 

What Is PPF?

PPF is essentially a clear polyurethane film that is installed over your Tesla’s body. This barrier protects from any on-road impact or environmental damage. This includes acidic bird droppings and bugs that typically etch into your clear coat. The idea behind installing PPF is to keep your paint looking brand new without any rock chips, scratches, or blemishes for years to come. 

Our PPF kits are highly DIY-able; you can easily and more affordably install them at home. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution, PPF kits are the way to go and you can find them in the collection at the end of this article. 

At Tesbros, we offer PPF kits from leading producers such as Avery Dennison and STEK. You can now confidently cruise around in your Tesla and take on any terrain without having to spend hundreds of dollars on scratch repairs or paint chips wherever you take the wheel. 

Why Should You Invest In PPF For Your Tesla?

Given that you’re a Tesla fan or a previous Tesla owner, you’ve seen that their paint jobs aren’t great. The paint is thinner and chips away easily. After 10k miles, my rockers are destroyed and bumper needs a makeover. 

Another reason you might want to get PPF for your Tesla is its inherent design. Teslas have a flatter and broader front body, giving it a much higher chance of debris and bugs hitting the front. Also, the wheels. The rims stick out quite a bit resulting in high-speed particles hitting your rockers. 

Since most PPF has a hydrophobic coating, it is designed to repel moisture, dirt, droppings, and bugs, making it much easier to clean and keep clean.  

When Should You Install PPF?

We recommend getting PPF as soon as you’ve bought the car. If you decide to wait before you get PPF, you will need to paint correct and touch up before installing PPF. This isn’t a problem necessarily, but leaves room for possible imperfections in the install job and raises the price.