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TeslaBros is now TesBros! Same awesome quality and customer service, more products and vehicles!

When I first started Teslabros, it was just an idea I had for a blog. The idea was to generate interest through sharing my experience and knowledge from being a Tesla owner. I also wanted to get a few referrals or two. 😉

I had zero intention to make it a shop. But as I was sitting in traffic one day, I was thinking about how my friends and family were always pulling on the manual lever in my Model 3.

So I contacted my bro, JP, now our Director of Sales, about selling door labels. He had just finished exiting his e-commerce start-up and was in a transitionary phase. He thought it was a good idea so we started designing the door label kit.

On January 20th, 2019, we decided to share the product on Tesla Owners Online Facebook group to test the idea. We set up a small eCommerce landing page on the blog and within the first 24 hrs, we sold over 300 units!

We were blown away!. The orders kept rolling in and so did the product suggestions. It hasn’t stopped since then. I love solving problems and so naturally I gravitate to wanting to figure out how to make center console wrap better, how to create a DIY chrome delete kit, how to make PPF kits, and more.

We jumped from my extra bedroom to my entire house and garage, to office space, and now to a warehouse space within 1 year. This company has evolved into something bigger than my bros, my Model 3, and eventually, we want it to be a platform for all-electric vehicles!

Thus, we’re rebranding TeslaBros to TesBros – The Electric Shop Brothers (yes, we didn’t want to completely change the name and we are still keeping “bros” ! 😉 )

So here’s what to expect!

– Same amazing product quality and exceptional customer service
– We’re keeping @teslabros social channels and will be positioning it as our content and education platforms with occasional promotions
– More products, more vehicles, more cool shit in general
– New partnerships with non-profits in education and animal safety
– Even better and more competitive pricing!
– The Electric Wrap Shop 😉
– International Expansion – Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Australia


Finally, as a part of this major change, we’ve partnered up with Tesletter to officially launch on Amazon! We have a very limited quantity available for this launch.

Once a variation is sold out, we’ll be marking products back to normal prices!

Shop on Amazon now!